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Old World Craftsmanship New World Quality

Combining old world craftsmanship with new world quality is the principle that guides us here at Dogwood Custom Knives. Our handmade knives are crafted entirely in house to ensure that every knife meets our rigid standards for quality. We firmly believe that function is the greatest form of beauty and that is why we hand assemble each of our knives with very little ornamentation. The art is in the fit and finish of these knives and they will be a joy to use for generation after generation. Our greatest hope is that our knives will one day become a trusted family heirloom that has been used with confidence and pride for generations.



Some of my favorite things

Some of my favorite things   Last fall I made the totally rational decision to celebrate my 40th birthday with 7 strangers in the Amazon Jungle on a  Bushcraft Global trip.  There were a few pieces of gear that I will never to go to the woods without. Below are a few of them.   P.V.A. towel    These are amazing! I carry at least two,usually three. When dry, they are weightless. It does not matter how much they absorb, which by the way is a metric butt load! They can be wrung out and keep absorbing!  In the Amazon, where the humidity was 1000% and rain every day, it was so wet that even the cook fire flames wear soggy.  I could wring out my PVA towel, dry off and repeat until I was bone dry which would last 45 seconds, but I would be dry!  One of the truly  great things about these towels is at the end of the day I would stuff a towel in my boots.  After dinner, I would pull it out, wring it out, and stuff it back in.  Come  morning I was the only guy with dry boots!  It was wet in