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Cub Gallant Grizzly

Old World Craftsmanship New World Quality

Combining old world craftsmanship with new world quality is the principle that guides us here at Dogwood Custom Knives. Our handmade knives are crafted entirely in house to ensure that every knife meets our rigid standards for quality. We firmly believe that function is the greatest form of beauty and that is why we hand assemble each of our knives with very little ornamentation. The art is in the fit and finish of these knives and they will be a joy to use for generation after generation. Our greatest hope is that our knives will one day become a trusted family heirloom that has been used with confidence and pride for generations.



1 of 2 in the batch

1 of 2 in the batch There are two like this one in this batch, one will be an echo-5 that is already spoken for, the other will be going to Arizona Custom Knives.


New Knife For My Wife

I spent a little time finishing Beth's Hawkins knife and matched it with some leather work from Reliance Leartherworks. It is antiqued S35VN, Convex grind, with highly figured black walnut and two 1/4" mosaic pins with a CA glue hand rubbed "french polish". This one was made for my wife and is not for sale.


Thin Is In

Thin Is In! This is one of my early articals that ran on the Equip 2 Endure wen site   By Dan Eastland       As many of you that know me from around E2E, I have a fat blade peeve, or as I like to say “we suffer from blade obesity”.  As we have super-sized our collective asses we seem to have also super-sized our blades to the effect of creating big abominations that are not fit for the work they were intended to do.  As you can probably tell I am about to go off on a rant.........     As access to cheap sources of high calorie food and not being required to do any real work is leading us down the road of “fat assery”! Yes that is a word that I just made up but, it should be in Wikipedia by now, go check - as I was saying our blades are getting so fat they can’t do the job they were meant to do.  In this analogy mass production and the industrial revolution is McDonald’s.     Not too long ago, when we worked on farms and did physical labor,     we